I <3 Purple

Gravity by Sara Bareilles. It gives me chills.

Happy Wednesday Dolls!
How are all of you doing? The bf was craving cheesy scrambled eggs with ham so I made him some and I’m having a classy dinner of Lucky Charms, lol!
If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my posts are slow Monday through Thursday and that’s because of class! I’m up for work at 6 am, get out of work at 5 and head straight to school…which ends at 10 most of the time. I’m too tired to write on these days, so I’ll have to plan posts ahead of time!
Today’s post is dedicated to the color purple. I love that it can be so soft in lavender and then go all the way to the deepest, richest plums. Purple makes me think of luxury, lavishness, and depth.

Pardon the dry alien hands, I had used acetone and it makes my hands look weird until I wash them 😛

I used the following colors on my eyes:
Sonia Kashuk’s Purple Velvet shadow on the lid, just past the crease
MAC’s Nocturnelle eyeshadow blended into the outer corners of the lid
L’Oreal Violet Volt HIP Chrome Liner along the bottom lashes
MAC’s Dazzlelight as a brow highlight
MAC’s Lingering Brow Pencil
Revlon Liquid Liner
Stila Eye Kajal in Onyx
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara

I’m obsessed with this color right now! What’s your current fave?


9 thoughts on “I <3 Purple

  1. I love that nailpolish! Purple, unfortunately, looks really odd on me. If you love love love the color purple you have to get this eyeshadow by Chanel called “Amethyst.” I’m really not great at taking pictures of makeup to catch all the shimmer and colors, so here is a picture of it I found on google! lol

    • woah, i NEED that chanel shadow! purple was my favorite colour for a long time, now im into lime green but i still love it…i wish chanel wasnt so damn expensive, haha

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