Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+…My New Love!

I think I may have to use the massage gift card the bf gave me…

Hello Pretty Readers!

It’s my Friday because I have the day off of work tomorrow; not for fun reasons, but because I have my annual dentist and doctors appointments, boo! I’ll be at the dentist at 7:30 am…so not looking forward to it. How has your week been?

On to the subject of today’s post!
Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+. $34 at Sephora.

On my way to starting this blog, I read a ton of beauty blogs by other people, one of my faves being Tiffany’s. She’s so cute and stylish, and just awesome! Anyway, she does videos on her favorite products every month in which I heard about Makeup For Ever’s Mat Velvet+ foundation. Tiffany said she had used this during the time she was using Proactive to treat acne and that she hadn’t had any issues with it making her break out more.
My adventures in the world of liquid foundations have been interesting and every one has been a learning experience. I LOVE MAC products and use their powders and eye shadows more than any other…but their liquid foundations and my face can’t seem to get along; every time I use them, my face gets freaked out and starts breaking out like crazy. I’ve used drugstore foundations, Bare Essentuals, Estee Lauder, and Smashbox…if they didn’t break me out, they would oxidize and turn a weird orange color on my skin after a few hours.
After many failed attempts, I just gave up on liquid face makeup and stayed with MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and studio fix/studio sculpt concealer. Well, I noticed that when I do heavy/dark/very bright eye makeup, I need a little more coverage on my face to balance them out. I gave in and went into Sephora for one more try with MUFE’s Mat Velvet +. The sales associate was really nice and helpful, taking 15-20 mins to match me and make sure I liked it and off I went.
I’ve used this foundation every day for a month and LOVED it. I’ve never used one that blended in so fast and that felt so light on my skin. Here are some notes for your reference:

-The shade selection is awesome! (Always hang on to your receipt though, just in case you don’t like the color once you get home. Sephora’s return policy is great).
-It didn’t sink into my pores or oxidize.
-It stayed put all day, I just touched it up with my Mineralize Skinfinish powder when I left work at 5
-Controlled shine (I usually have to blot my face 3 times during work, I only had to do it once when using this foundation).
-The coverage is good, but doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t look caked on.
-Applies really well with your fingers, a sponge, or a foundation brush. *Remember to wash your hands before if blending with your fingers*.
-Only a tiny amount (about the size of a regular m&m) is needed to cover my whole face.
-No strong odor.
-I didn’t break out!

Didn’t Love:
The price, $34. Even though I use a tiny amount each application, it still hurts to pay that much for foundation. I’m stingy about certain makeup items…maybe because I’ve had back luck with foundations before lol.

As soon as you start blending, it goes from a liquid to almost a powder.
If you use a makeup brush, it will take more foundation than if you blend with your fingers.

I will definitely purchase this foundation again, I can’t imagine not having it now!

What’s your favorite foundation?


5 thoughts on “Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+…My New Love!

  1. Ooh, sounds awesome. I’ve had a lot of trouble with foundations as well, but I think I’ll give this a try. It can’t hurt, since you can return it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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