I’m back!….and Reviewing!

Photobucket My awesome friend Katie and I at a Lady Gaga Party :-).

I’m so so very sorry for being away for so long for those few of you that read my blog! I had an odd couple of months and I didn’t have time for anything…and being so busy left me tired and uninspired, but I feel a million times better and I’m ready to do this again!

I picked up Revlon’s Colorstay liquid foundation for $1.99 on clearance at my grocery store (random, right?) only because it was $1.99, LOL. They had one bottle left in my color, 150 Buff, so I brought it home and gave it a shot.


The last few weeks have been insanely hot here in Southern California, and my makeup is usually gone halfway through the day. I tried this on Saturday and loved the creamy texture; the perfume smell was a little strong, so caution to those with sensitive noses :-). After dusting my Mineralize Skinfinish powder over it, my skin looked flawless and like porcelain. This foundation held up through shopping all day and then a walk outside in 104 degree weather. I wore the foundation for two days without a problem and I was so excited ($1.99!!)….and then Monday came around and smashed my dreams.

If you’ve read my review on MakeUp Forever’s Matt Velvet+, you know that most foundations and my skin hate each other with a passion; Colorstay was in love with my skin for two days and then the honeymoon was over. I checked my skin at the end of Monday night and saw about 20 tiny little bumps on my cheeks…another foundation/skin relationship gone wrong.

I’m going to keep the foundation and use it for special occasions, because it seems to photograph really well, but it wont be my go-to like the MUFE foundation.

Rating: 3/5.

Have you had any bad experiences with foundation?


3 thoughts on “I’m back!….and Reviewing!

  1. I’m loving the Almay foundation – i forget it’s exact name but starts off white and blends to your color. My skin still gets oily but it doesn’t show with this foundation – it’s rarely shiny/sweaty looking when it’s oily. Usually only I can tell if I touch my face.

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