TGIF Survey And MAC Class Pictures

Happy Friday Pretty Ladies!

How are all of you doing on the best day of the week? I went to the MAC class at my local Nordstrom and had a blast! Below is the Friday survey and pics of last night, make sure to fill it out and leave it in the comments so I can learn more about you!

1. Mood today? Happy :-). I had so much fun last night and did my makeup with my new goodies.
2. Weekend plans? Finally see the bf tonight so we can have a movie night in. I have a project to work on for class and then I have to organize my makeup again.
3. Makeup you have on today? MAC Mulch eyeshadow, Dazzlelight eyeshadow, Teddy eye kohl, mascara, stila liner. New MAC Personal Style blush and Ample Pink plushglass. And my new favorite, MAC’s eyebrow pencil in Lingering…AMAZING!
4. What’s for dinner? Subway or Juan Pollo…not sure yet.
5. Worst part of your week? Running my tailbone into a desk. Couldn’t breathe for a second because of the pain.
6. Best part of your week? My MAC class last night, and booking Vegas with the girls!
7. Outfit today? Black scoopneck Express long sleeve, white cami, blue skinnies, and my fav white slip-on Vans.
8. What’s on your makeup wishlist today? MAC. MAC all around.
9. Song you’re loving? VIP by Ke$ha and Teeth by Lady Gaga
10. Any movies you recommend? Not at the moment, I asked because I need ideas for tonight lol

The List:
1. Mood today?
2. Weekend plans?
3. Makeup you have on today?
4. What’s for dinner?
5. Worst part of your week?
6. Best part of your week?
7. Outfit today?
8. What’s on your makeup wishlist today?
9. Song you’re loving?
10. Any movies you recommend?

Now check out pics from my fabulous Thursday night! To sign up, you pay $50 and save a seat. After the class, you get to spend the $50 on MAC!

This is Marija Mamic, she taught the class. She had no makeup on and was just so pretty! She started by asking us to remove any makeup we had on and guided us step by step until we had transformed ourselves.

The setup. They supplied everything so we could do a full face of makeup. I was giddy lol.

Taking notes…

MAC heaven 🙂

Marija helping us find our crease.

Explaining the importance of primer.

Samples of powders and blushes supplied, everything was very sanitary.

Marija showing us dark shadow usage.

MAC artist, Christina, helping our table. She’s my fav makeup artist at the counter by my house 😀

Lipliner time!

The girls at my table, all really nice and pretty!

The aftermath lol.

My mini haul:

Personal Style Blush

Brow pencil in Lingering. OMG, I wish I had discovered this before! I’m obsessed!

Eye Kohl in teddy. I can’t wait to play with this!

Eye shadow in Mulch. Love the browns 😀

All the samples we got to take home!

I had so much fun and I learned some really cool techniques. Marija was a doll, funny and a really great teacher; I can’t wait to take more classes with her.

If you have the itch to buy some MAC, might as well take a class! I would recommend it to makeup newbies and experienced makeup artists…there’s always more to learn.

Have you ever been to a MAC class?

Have a fab weekend!


2 thoughts on “TGIF Survey And MAC Class Pictures

  1. The List:
    1. Mood today? pretty ok. it’s friday so i’m happy
    2. Weekend plans? disneyland tonight, candle party sunday, playing with pepper 🙂
    3. Makeup you have on today? the ususal…
    4. What’s for dinner? hopefully pizza from this great little place in anaheim – cheap and A-maze-ing
    5. Worst part of your week? my little pity party wednesday
    6. Best part of your week? today! it’s friday – and booking vegas of course
    7. Outfit today? brown pumps, khaki slacks, white cami, brown v-neck sweater
    8. What’s on your makeup wishlist today? still a makeup artist, lol
    9. Song you’re loving? Stephen by Ke$ha – i love how she pokes fun
    10. Any movies you recommend? YES! Penelope with Christina Ricci. Reese Witherspoon has a small part in it too. It’s a cute fairy tale and it was on Stars or something recently

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! The only masterclass I went to was great, but there was no practical part, which sucks. And we don’t get samples here either…Nice haul! Teddy is such a lovely eyeliner =)

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