A Few Random Pictures

Hello Loves!
I hope you all had a great weekend and that Monday took it easy on you. Here are some random recent pics that I couldn’t figure out where to post:

My final project in makeup school :). I had to turn my friend into an Anime doll:

Here it is in full cartoon effect:

The bride I glammed up in November:
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket(my favorite, lol!)

Mod eyes I created:

My makeup for ISSE in Long Beach:

What have you all been up to?


Just for Fun!

Happy Thursday Lovelies :),
Can you believe December is already here? This year has flown by! I’ve only got three makeup class sessions to go and I’ll be a certified MUA! I’ve loved every minute of this course and I’m super bummed that it’s almost over. I was blessed to get an amazing instructor and a great group of girls to have as classmates. Seriously, I should have done this years ago. As part of the course, we have a final project on the last class day. My instructor has informed us that we’ll be creating an anime/Japanese animation/Harajuku inspired look. Last night, we got to play with paints as a way of getting familiar with the colors and textures. I didn’t quite get to finish my look, but it’s more of a rough draft. I just thought it was cool to share with you guys and dolls :). Pardon the crappy picture quality, all I had was my Blackberry and it is no good for detailed shots.

Thanks for being my model, Geneva! 🙂

What do you think?


Weekend Adventures

A pic that a friend of mine took a while back of his guitar. I just love the colors!

Hello Lovelies!

Thursday’s here! One day closer to Friday! I have my MAC master class tonight, and I’ll be posting pics of it this weekend. Last weekend was full of fun, check out some pics of it below :-).

Thursday night bff dinner and retail therapy with my bff, Shannon.

This is Pepper. Shan got the pup for her bf Dan for his birthday. She’s the cutest!

Shan and Ash at Dan’s birthday celebration.

The bf and I before heading to Dans.

Dustin and Carmen, que cute!

Dustin making his “hair growing” face. Love that kid lol

The boys playing pool.

Long Beach Iced Tea. Derish!

Shan, excited for her drink lol.

Tokyo Tea…tastes like very awesome Mountain Dew lol.

Dan (bday boy), The bf, and Billy Nash…obviously excited about the camera.

More boy love.

LOL, Billy was just giddy about taking pictures.

At Elise’s welcome home party. I hadn’t seen her since high school!

Jena, one of my favorite people in the world, mixing drinks. That bottle is almost as big as her!

A shot of the partay…it was too cold to be outside!

Sunday night, waiting for my hair guru, Jessica.

Love the salon, it’s so cute.

I love my weekends 😀