Makeup Homework Pt. 1

Hello Beauties!
I hope you’ve all had a great weekend :). Mine has been pretty relaxing, thankfully. I have a girls trip to Vegas next weekend, so I’m saving my energy and money for then lol. Makeup school is coming along beautifully, I really love the classes and my instructor, Susie. We’ve covered basic foundation, transitioned into contouring, learned about eyebrows, and we’ve just started working on eyeshadow technique/styles.
One of the hardest things about this class is learning new ways to apply makeup. After years and years of playing with cosmetics and more recent freelance work, I’ve developed my own way of doing everything, so I’ve had a though time trying to relearn what I thought I already knew. I want to get the most out of this experience and Susie’s has asked that we try doing things her way; she taught MAC makeup artists for 10 years and has a lot of experience in the industry, so I know I have a lot to learn from her and feel really thankful to have gotten her as my instructor. I’ve been feeling like a righty trying to write with their left hand, but it’s coming along, and it’s also opened my eyes to new ways of looking at light and color. I’ll be posting some of my homework and practice looks to track my progress throughout the course. Here’s a quick look I put together yesterday using her basic eyeshadow placement/application technique.


What have you all been up to this weekend?

A Pop of Blue

Been on a wine kick recently, in love with these glasses.

Hello Beautiful Readers,
I hope you’re all having a great Monday :). I’m home, taking a break from Anthropology studies to share a look I put together this past weekend.
The bf and I were going to run some errands, so I decided that I’d have a little fun with my makeup without going over the top and looking crazy. My outfit consisted of faded blue jeans, a really flowy cream top, brown leather flip flops, and burnished gold jewelry. Instead of adding a bright accessory, I decided to add a pop of vibrant color to my eye look. Here are the results:


Products Used:
-UDPP all over the eyelid, inner corner, and along lower lashes.
-Urban Decay Smog e/s all over lid, just past the crease.
-Urban Decay Darkhorse lightly blended into the outer part of the crease.
-SMH e/s in Walkin’ After Midnight along lower lashes.
-Stila highlighting shade (I don’t know the name :/) along brow bone.
-Ulta Extreme Wear gel liner in Perfection (a shimmery deep brown) along upper lashes.
-Revlon Colorstay pencil liner in Navy on lower waterline, set with SMH Walkin’ After  Midnight eyeshadow.
-Covergirl Lashblast mascara in blackest black.

-MUFE Full cover concealer in 4 on blemishes and under eyes.
-MUFE Matt Velvet + foundation in 20.
-MAC MSFN in Medium to set the foundation.
-MAC Stunner blush.
-Laura Mercier Mineral highlighter.

-Smashbox Pixel lip gloss.

How you you feel about pops of bright color in makeup?


Purple EOTD, Take Two.

Hi Babes,
Took a break from helping the bf finish moving the rest of his stuff into his new place to post today’s eye look. I’m still playing with purples, but I did a softer version of yesterday’s look for my bride-to-be friend :). I don’t have my shadows with me, but let me know if you want a tutorial/how to for the look. Happy Sunday!



Purple EOTD

Hi Dolls!
I hope you’re all having a great weekend. I had a fantastic night in with my girls on Friday (nachos, margaritas, and a Friends marathon) and spent yesterday at home, being lazy. I have some really exciting news to share, but I’ll have to wait until after tomorrow night to tell you guys. Seriously, so excited :). And no, I’m not engaged/expecting lol; this is beauty related.

One of my friends has asked me to do a wedding makeup trial and if she likes it, I’ll be doing her makeup in December. Her favorite color is purple, so I’ve been playing around with different shades of it to get inspired. Here’s a look I put together yesterday:

Products Used:
-UDPP original all over the lid and long lower lashes.
-MAC Nocturnelle e/s all over the lid, just past the crease. Also blended along outer 3/4 of the lower lashes.
-Urban Decay e/s in Flash in the crease, to soften the edge of Nocturnelle. Also blended into the inner 1/4 of the lower lashes.
-Urban Decay e/s in Sin along the edge of Flash.
-Urban Decay e/s in Virgin blended along browbone and inner corner of eyes.
-MAC Sketch e/s blended into the outer v ov the upper lid and a little into the crease.
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner along upper lashes and the pencil on waterlines.
-Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara.

What are you up to this weekend?


All Brown Smokey Eyes + A Mini Haul

PhotobucketWhat my bed looks like when I’m getting ready :).

Hi Lovelies,
Happy Tuesday! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love my black pencil and liquid eyeliner, I wear at least the liquid every day. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and decided to do a smokey eye without any black shadow/liner this weekend. Part of the inspiration came from Drop Dead Diva; Jane always has lovely smokey brown eyes that warm up her fair complexion. I played around with some MAC shadows and Ulta liner to create this:

Products Used:
-UDPP all over the eyelid and along lower lashes.
-MAC Wedge e/s applied all over the lid, halfway to the brow past the crease.
-MAC Corduroy e/s blended into the crease.
-MAC Embark e/s blended into the crease and outer corner of the lid. Also applied along lower lashes and blended with a fluffy brush.
-MAC Mylar e/s blended into the inner corners of the eyes and along brows.
-Ulta Extreme Wear Gel Eyeliner in Perfection applied along upper lashes and winged out.
-Covergirl Lashblast mascara.

My birthday’s on the 10th, but I picked up some goodies with bday coupons my favorite stores sent last week. Check it out:
-Victorias Secret Rockin’ Body Luminous Perfecting Cream. Price was $12, I paid $2 with my bday coupon.
-Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful body wash/bubble bath/shampoo. It smells like cake :D. This was free.
-Torrid earrings. Price was $10.50, I paid $.50 with my bday coupon.
-OPI InStyle Red. This was free with my subscription that I got myself for my bday.
-MAC Ample Pink Plushglass. This wasn’t for my bday, but it was new so I included it in the haul :P. MAC sells it for $18.50, I paid $13 for it on Ebay.

What have you picked up recently?


Pink & Purple EOTD + New Bag

Happy Monday Lovelies!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I’m typing this from my family’s home computer, which is one of the slowest machines on the face of the earth, but I couldn’t stay away from blogging :). It’ll be at least a week before I get another charger for my laptop. Here’s a pink and purple EOTD from last week. Pink is kind of intimidating to me, so I have to use it in small doses. I included a rough outline of where I place the colors (hope it helps, Rayleen!).

Products Used (all shadows are from MAC):
-UDPP original all over lid and along lower lashes.
-Sunset B. in the inner corner of the eyelid.
-Hepcat blended into the edge of Sunset B., moving towards outer corner of eyelid.
-Nocturnelle blended into the outer corner of the lid. Also blended along lower lashes.
-Naked Lunch blended above the crease along the edge of all the pink/purples.
-Dazzelight blended along brow as highlight.
-Revlon Colorstay liquid and pencil liners in blackest black.
-Covergirl Lashblast mascara.

How do you wear pink eyeshadow?

One more thing. For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter, I bought my first Coach bag :). I had seen the purse at the Coach store for about $498 a few months ago and just couldn’t rationalize spending that much on a bag right now; that’s saying a lot, because I can talk anyone and myself into buying just about anything lol. Well, I was at the Ontario Mills mall and by chance, walked into the Coach factory store and spotted the bag for $219. This sales lady comes up to me and hands me a 30% off coupon to use on any purchase. I had to drag myself out of the store, pouting like a little kid. I slept on it, consulted my bff (all the way in Italy lol), and decided to pick up the bag the next day after work. At the end of it, I paid $165 and don’t regret it one bit! I had to give up shopping for any other clothes/shoes in July , but I’m so happy that I don’t care. This is the large leather Ashley Satchel; it’s timeless, chic, and goes with everything.  LOVE!

I hope you all have a great week :).


Blue Flame

Hello Beauties!
Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week :). How did all of you spend the long weekend? I went out for drinks with one of my besties (hi Liz!), spent time with my sisters, and spent allllll day at the beach on Monday. Although I used an entire tube of sunscreen on myself throughout the day, I’m still burned. Seriously hoping that the red patches calm down soon. Check out my view on the beach, it was already packed at 7 am!


On a sad and happy note, I miss my bff, Shannon, so very much. She’s in Italy this entire month (I know, SO JEALOUS), and I’m bummed that I don’t get to meet her for drinks after work or email/text with her regularly. Putting the sadness aside, I’m really happy that she was able to take the opportunity and can’t wait to see every picture and hear every story. Kiss a few Italian boys, Shan! She’ll be posting pics from her trip, on her blog if you all want to take a peek :).

Here’s a blue EOTD that I put together this past weekend:
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Hm. I have some truly rebellious baby hairs -_-.

Products Used:
-UDPP all over the lid.
-MAC Shimmermoss e/s along inner half of the eyelid and blended into the tear duct area.
-MAC Blue Flame e/s blended into the outer half of the eyelid and slightly into the inner part of the crease.
-MAC Naked Lunch e/s blended along the edge of the blues, along the halfway point between the crease and the brow. Blended my heart out here with a fluffy brush.
-MAC Dazzlelight e/s as a brow highlight.
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner along upper lashes.
-Revlon Colorstay pencil in navy along upper and lower waterlines.
-Covergirl Lashblast mascara in blackest black.

-MUFE Matt Velvet +.
-MAC MSFN in Medium, buffed in with a flat top brush.
-MAC Personal Style blush.

-Lightly lined with nude pencil.
-MAC Fulfilled plushglass.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Don’t forget the sunscreen :P.