Happy Hair

Hello Gorgeous Readers,
How are all of you today? Hopefully happy and enjoying warmer weather :). I picked up a new product at one of my many trips to Sally Beauty Supply and I’m so excited to tell you about it!

   In the process of growing my hair long, I’ve had to battle split and dry ends constantly; my ends have dealt with quite a few dye jobs and bleach from highlights so they’re pretty beaten up. The sales associate at Sally’s asked me if I needed help with anything, and I said I needed a serum or spray to protect my hair during heat styling. She handed me a bottle of Proclaim Glossing Polish and told me I’d love it because it would protect my hair and help straighten it during blow drying. I got the six ounce bottle and headed home, excited to try it the next morning. Note that I have naturally wavy hair, so this may work differently for those of you with curls.
After showering, I let my hair air dry for about 15 minutes; then I applied a dime size drop of the serum to hair, focusing on the ends and applying the remnants to the at the top. The serum has a subtle marshmallow vanilla scent that isn’t overwhelming or too sweet. I dried my hair with a big round brush in large sections and couldn’t believe how soft, shiny, and manageable it was; my hair wasn’t frizzy or wavy, so I didn’t have to use a flat iron after blow drying like I always do. It’s been two weeks since I purchased the polish, and haven’t had to use my flat iron once.

I really love that this helps with straightening, but leaves my tresses with lots of movement and looks more natural than the stick straight results I get with a flat iron. I’d recommend this product to anyone that needs heat styling protection and wants to get away from using a flat iron. It comes in three sizes and can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply and Amazon.

Click to purchase on Sally's site.

What’s your favorite hair serum?


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