A Sad Goodbye, Some NOTDs, and New Goodies

Photobucket A buttery nipple shot from Rock the Keys. Thank goodness my friend ordered this, I don’t know that I could have without giggling lol. If you’re wondering, my nail polish is Turned Up Turquoise from China Glaze.

Hi Dolls,
I’m feeling kinda random today, so here’s a post about everything!

A sad goodbye to my very first MAC lipstick, Viva Glam V. I went to use it and found it like this:
Photobucket No one is admitting to the heinous crime, so I’m left with a smashed lipstick. There was at least half of the tube left before. This means I have to buy a new one, right?

Picked up two new Finger Paints polishes at Sally’s the other night for $5 each.
PhotobucketPhotobucketHue Left a Message? IT’S SO SPARKLY!!

PhotobucketWine at the Gallery. I got this because it reminded me of my mom; burgundy is her favorite color :-).

Photobucket Another shot? OKAY!

New Goodies :-D:
Photobucket Striped, ruched sleeve, very flattering, super soft tee from Kirra at Pacsun. Picked it up for $10 in this color and black. I’ve only seen them at the one in the Ontario Mills Mall, they have a bunch of other colors too! Can’t wait to wear this with dark wash jeans and red or pink heels :-D.

Photobucket Mini wedge espadrilles from Alloy; click here for the link. They’re super comfy and cute with anything.

Photobucket Alright, one more.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week! What are you up to?


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