Friday Randoms

Happy Friday Beauties!
I hope you’re all having an amazing day and that you get out of work on time to start enjoying your days off🙂. Today’s post consists random videos that make me smile, enjoy! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Can you tell that I love Despicable Me?

I don’t know if I’ve shared this, but I have a major…enormous…huge crush on Brandon Boyd. He’s just so…YUM. Oh, and Incubus’ music is pretty amazing as well🙂.

For Shannon, because anything having to do with the ocean reminds me you! And it’s an awesome song🙂.

I shouldn’t laugh. I really shouldn’t. But I’m going to anyway!

So fun! I love her makeup🙂.

I❤ her! The song is so fun to sing along to.


2 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. fortunately, i had the office to myself when i was looking at this and screamed a little when i saw Kiss the Girl.😛 I can’t watch the first video tho bc i don’t have speakers on my comp at work:/

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