Zoya Haul and Swatches

Photobucket Zoya polishes in Cassi, Dana, Vanessa, Valerie, Ibiza, and Freja.

Hello Dolls!
I hope you’re all having a great Monday! Back at the beginning of the month, Zoya had an offer for 3 free nail polishes, all I had to pay was shipping ($7). I placed two orders and ended up paying $14 for $42 worth of polish! Check out the haul below; the swatches on white paper were taken outside in direct sunlight.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Cassi is a beautiful peach color with tiny sparkles and took three coats to be opaque. I think this color will be great with sandals in spring and summer.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Dana is a deep pink creme that was opaque in two coats. I got this color because it matches my favorite pink pumps perfectly.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Vanessa is a deep berry red creme that was opaque in two coats. I did get this color because my name is on it lol, but I really loved it once I tried it on too. It’s a classic color that goes with just about anything…and what I picked for my current mani/pedi :-).

PhotobucketPhotobucket Valerie is a deep purple with red and gold shimmer that was opaque in two coats. I LOVED this color so much! It reminded me of a more refined version of MAC’s baby goth girl.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Ibiza is a deep blue with really subtle pearl shimmer and took two coats to be opaque. I love the color blue and this would be perfect for a night out.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Freja is a gunmetal grey with subtle shimmer and took two coats to be opaque. I love that this ads a little bit of attitude to any look.

Which color is your favorite? Did you get in on the 3 free deal?


13 thoughts on “Zoya Haul and Swatches

  1. I also ordered 6 of them but they have not come in yet! Im glad to see how Ibiza and Freja look on your nails becasue those are 2 of the ones I ordered! I also got Suvi, Verushka, Kelly, and I cannot for the life of me remember the last one. Oh, and OPI has a similar one to Valerie, “Teasey does it”, I got it over Christmas! So pretty!!

    • Thank you for stopping by :-)! I called last week and the customer service rep said that all of the orders were backed up because of how many people ordered but you should hopefully get your order this week; I ordered mine on the 4th and they just arrived on Thursday of last week. Have you tried Zoya before?

      • I figuered thats what was taking so long! But you can’t really complain when its free right? lol I have never tried Zoya but I can’t wait to try them out! I have a HUGE OPI collection so maybe I’ll start to stray a bit and start ordering Zoya, they just have such a huge selection on their site! Love your blog, BTW!

      • lol, I had to remind myself that they were free! I think you’ll like the formula, I’ve been wearing the color Vanessa for about 4 days now with no chips…I usually chip nail polish within a few hours of putting it on lol. I’m so tempted to try more colors now, knowing how pretty they are in person. And thank you, it puts a smile on my face when people take time to comment :-).

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