Singing the Blues…


Okay, I’m not really singing…no one needs to hear that. But I am in love with blue!

Hello Beauties!
I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. The sun actually came through in SoCal this weekend and the temperatures were perfect; I think the “winter” we have here will be over pretty soon :-). I can’t wait for spring and summer!
Here’s an eye look that I wore to an evening wedding on Friday:

Products Used:
-UDPP in Sin all over the lid and along lower lashes.
-Revlon matte eyeshadow in Riviera Blue all over the lid just past the crease and smudged along lower lashes.
-MAC Wedge blended into the crease to smooth the edge of the blue.
-MAC Mylar along the brow bone.
-MAC Dazzlelight along inner corners.
-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black.
-Stila Eye Kajal in Onyx on waterline.
-Covergirl Lashblast in Black.

Here are two nail colors I wore this weekend:

Photobucket Essie’s Not Just a Pretty Face.

PhotobucketPhotobucketSally Hansen’s Black Out topped with Sinful Colors glitter topcoat in Pearl Harbor.

How have your weekends gone? I’m waiting for football to be over so the bf and I can run errands and watch a movie lol…he’s been oblivious to me since this morning; it’s been kinda nice, I’ve actually gotten a lot done! Have a good Sunday night girls, we start the week again tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Singing the Blues…

  1. gorgeous! i never wear blue shadow because i have blue eyes and it makes them look grey. but looks great on you!!!

  2. LOVE the blue eyeshadow! I really do think that blue compliments brown eye the best (color wise besides neutrals of golds/bronzes).

    those nail colors are fab!

  3. Can I make a request? Since you’re not going with me to Vegas this time (sad face!!), will you do a Cher-inspired post? Then I could try to copy it Saturday night 🙂 Think “Dark Lady” or “Gypsies, Tramps & Theives.” Ah! I should have thought of this sooner!! LOL

    P.S. Your bff is a huge dork.

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