Amazing $3 Makeup Brushes!

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Hi Lovelies,

How are all of you doing today? I’m at work on my lunch break trying to get some blogging in. I was so excited about the brushes below, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about them! Back in December, e.l.f. had a sale for 50% off of their studio items and I picked up some brushes to give them a try. My expectations weren’t that high, because I didn’t think $3 would be getting me much. I was so wrong! Their studio brushes are really good quality and I can’t wait to get more as backups. Check out the reviews below:

The Stippling/Duo Fiber Brush:


I know a lot of bloggers and makeup artists have used stippling/duo fiber brushes to apply foundation, but I didn’t really want to use my MAC brush on a liquid…I was worried about ruining it (it was the first quality makeup brush I bought and I have an attachment to it lol). I figured I could finally give the technique a try with my new e.l.f. brush this past weekend. OMG, I don’t think I can ever go back to applying foundation with a sponge or my fingers. The brush was so soft and it picked up just the right amount of foundation and applied the liquid perfectly; I had no blotchiness or caking, it felt like the foundation had been melted perfectly into my skin (I’ve tried it with the MUFE Matt Velvet + and Revlon’s Colorstay foundation). The brush didn’t lose any of it’s bristles and it cleaned up with no problem The brush is currently sold out on e.l.f.’s website, but you can find them at Target too. A+ rating for this one!

The Powder Brush:


The powder brush really impressed me as well! I used this to buff in my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC and loooooooved the finish. The powder was buffed in so well that there was no powdery look to my skin, it just looked flawless and airbrushed. The results are amazing over foundation or just my skin after moisturizer. The brush also works with blush, it blended the color so there was no harsh line or powdery finish. The bristles on this are very soft, but packed together really well so there wasn’t fallout. It is currently available online and at Target. A++ rating for this brush because it’s really versatile and made my skin look absolutely flawless.

I’m so excited about these brushes, I hope all of you get to try them (for $3 each, how could you not?!). I’ll be ordering a couple of backups for each for myself and for client makeup.

Have you tried the e.l.f. studio brushes? What did you think of them?

Have a great day dolls, we’ve almost reached Friday!


12 thoughts on “Amazing $3 Makeup Brushes!

    • I was so surprised by the quality! If you can only get one, get the powder brush…I stared at my skin for a while after using it because it looked so smooth and perfect….and my skin on its own is neither of those things lol

  1. Now that I have a job that pays me, I’ll probably get these soon. I only have cheapy ones, and others that I’ve had for years! (like seriously, junior high)

  2. i haven’t tried these one, but the ones with the white handles are HORRIBLE!! do NOT buy them! I love most of the ELF products but those brushes are exactly like those crappy ones you get in cheap make-up kits.

    • Yeah, I hated the white brushes too; I use the white foundation brush to apply face masks. The studio brushes are really good though, including the eyeshadow ones!

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