Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now…

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

How’s your weekend going? I watched Precious with my best friend, Shannon, and loved it! Sad story, but so inspirational; it made me realize that my problems really aren’t that bad. Today I went over to the bf’s house in my yoga pants (ha, I don’t do yoga) and hoodie (gotta love comfy clothes on lazy Saturdays lol), and watched more True Blood…does anyone else think Stephen Moyer is beyond attractive? I love that his character is a Southern gentleman, the accent and his mannerisms get me every time! Danny (the bf) is coming over after work so we can watch the last episode of season 1, I cant wait!

So, this blog is going to be 90% makeup and clothes, but the last 10% will be reserved for music and photographs that I love. Feel free to share any songs you like with me, I’m always open to new stuff! Here are some songs that I’m loving right now…

Dig by Incubus. Brandon Boyd makes my heart skip a beat…. “Remind me that we’ll always have eachother when everything else is gone.”

Eres by Cafe Tacvba. I am soo blessed to speak English and Spanish, it opens up a whole new world of music.

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. How could you not love this song?!

Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha. The lyrics get a little…sassy…lol, but I love this song!

Last Name by Carrie Underwood. A Vegas song. I LOVE Vegas 🙂

Foolish by Ashanti. It makes me remember high school, I loved her whole first album 🙂

Hope you enjoy!