Mini Zoya Haul!

Happy Friday!
I’m so ready for my weekend, this week has kicked my butt! Zoya had a promo going a few weeks ago, if you bought any item, you’d get two polishes for free. I picked up Riley, Anja, and Bela:

Riley (2 coats), Anja (2 coats), and Bela (3 coats).

Riley- Beautiful. I was in a rush, but the formula is lovely and opaque in 2 coats when you’re not balancing your laptop while you’re painting lol. This would be great any time of year, but perfect for xmas.

Anja- Vampy and sexy. This formula was the best out of the three and completely opaque in two fast coats. Cannot wait to wear this in the fall. Actually, wearing it this weekend, I literally couldn’t wait lol.

Bela- Classic and pretty. A very sheer polish, perfect for a subtle color that is decently opaque in 3 coats. Not runny and goes on like a dream. Perfect any time of year. Will be wearing this on my hands with Anja on my toes this weekend :).

Did you pick anything up during the promo?


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