UD All Nighter Setting Spray Review

Hello Beauties!
I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend :). I’m loving this summer weather; the blue skies and warm temperatures make me so happy. Honestly, I don’t even have to go anywhere, I’m perfectly content with reading a good book outside while drinking iced tea (or a margarita). The downside to all of this heat is that my makeup can go from perfect to hot mess in a minute if I don’t set it with anything.
A few months back, I bought Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray at Ulta for $29. While pricey, I decided to pick it up since I was going to be doing makeup for a few friends and didn’t want them to have to worry about touch-ups. I set their makeup at about 11 am and followed up at 11 pm to see how it was holding up; their makeup had not moved or faded all day. Since then, I’ve used this whenever I go out and whenever friends have asked me to doll them up.
This setting spray has not let me down at all! I’ve gone out for cocktails and dancing all night with friends, come home, and woken up with my shadow and foundation still in tact. While I don’t recommend sleeping with a full face of makeup on, it really shows this stuff’s staying power.
The only downside to All Nighter is that it doesn’t help control oil very well, but a few blotting papers in your clutch/evening bag can take care of that.

*Random beauty tip: When you don’t have blotting papers on hand, you can always blot with the matte side of a clean toilet seat cover. Not sure where I picked this up, but it works and has saved me from crazy shiny face on many occasions.

Overall, I absolutely love this product, and would recommend it to anyone. I plan on picking up the De-Slick version asap to test its oil controlling power.

Have you tried any settings sprays? Tell me about them, I’d love to try different ones :).

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fireworks!


4 thoughts on “UD All Nighter Setting Spray Review

  1. Hooray! My favorite makeup tip ever made it to your blog! LOL I’ve tried the seat cover trick and it totally works.

  2. I use toilet seat covers all the time! 😀

    So do you spray right after your foundation? Do you blot it or air-dry? Do you use a setting powder? I got the e.l.f. version a while back and I have hardly used it because I just can’t quite figure out the right order of things and I got annoyed so I stopped trying!

    • Hey Amber!
      I do all of my makeup and make sure it’s even and then I spray my face about 4 times, holding the bottle about a foot away from my face. I don’t have to blot it or anything, it just dries on it’s own. Sometimes, when it gets a little clogged, i get a few spots of the spray that show up on my face, so I just dab those with my finger and they disappear. With this spray, I wouldn’t put powder over it because it sets my foundation/compact perfectly and makes my skin look just a tiny bit dewy.

      Don’t give up! I’ve been meaning to try the e.l.f. spray, I’ll have to get it on the next Target run.

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