A Haul and a Review

Awwww. Just sending some cuteness your way!

Happy Thursday Dolls!
I needed some retail therapy and hit up Ulta for a beauty fix, here’s the little haul:
-Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream $7.99.
-Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat (still a favorite!) $6.99.
-Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets $4.99.
-Zoya polish in Dita $7.

The item I was most excited about is the Garnier Gel-Cream. I’d received a few samples in the magazines I’d subscribed to and loved how quickly the gel absorbed, how light it felt, and that it didn’t make my skin oily. During the summer, my skin tends to go into oil production overdrive, but I don’t like to go without moisturizer, so this is perfect. The cream smells fresh, but the scent isn’t overwhelming and it dissipates almost immediately after it absorbs. So far, my skin hasn’t flipped out on me, but I’ll keep you all updated with any changes. Have you tried it?

One more day until Friday!


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