Orange Crush

Orange Rose

Hello Beauties!
Happy Saturday :D. I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend. It’s kind of rainy and cold here in SoCal, but I’m making the best of it by staying home in my pajamas watching Drop Dead Diva. I had nothing to watch last weekend so I started surfing Netflix and found the series and now I’m hooked. It’s kinda cheesy, but so cute, and it makes me actually LOL. I recommend it if you’re a fan of chick flicks :P.
On to the important stuff! I’ve recently developed a serious color crush (infatuation) with the color orange. I’m my 23 years, I’ve NEVER been a fan of the color so I surprised myself. I’ve been very drawn to citrus-y colors recently because they are cheery, bright, and remind me of summer. I’ve picked up nail polishes, eye shadows, lip glosses, and a few accessories in the color because I can’t get enough of it. I have to note that I’m drawn to the color for accessories and makeup, I don’t know that I can pull of an entire top or dress in it with how pale I am, so little pops of color will have to do. I created a little idea collage on Polyvore this morning:

What’s your color crush right now?


11 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. I love Drop Dead Diva – is there a new series yet? I keep looking out for it on DVD. also I am with you on orange accessories and nail polish, such an uplifting colour. I like OPI Monsooner or Later.

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