I Feel Prettiest When…

Happy Sunday Beauties!

I’m in my pj’s this morning having leftover tamales that my mom made for Thanksgiving and getting ready to watch a movie with my little sister. My Sunday morning ritual includes reading blogs; I caught a really cool blog entry from Amelia at Sound Bites. Seriously, you have to check out her blog; she’s a great writer and absolutely hilarious on Twitter :-). Her entry today listed the times she feels the prettiest, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I feel prettiest when…
1. I’m laughing with my girlfriends.
2. I’m in a hoodie, skinny jeans, and my old white Vans.
3. I wake up with voluminous hair lol.
4. I’m slow dancing with someone.
5. I’m in a well fitted dress and heels.
6. I first finish straightening my hair.
7. I remember that I have my mother’s hands.
8. I’m doing other people’s makeup.
9. I have no makeup on at the beach.
10. I’m cooking.
11. I get asked for my number.
12. I’m told I’m pretty by someone that doesn’t have to say it!
13. I’m reading, curled up on the couch in a comfy sweater.
14. When I am woken up by the sun hitting my face.
15. I’m cooking with my mom and sisters.
16. I’m dancing with my girls.
17. I’m learning about something I love.
18. I’m listening to my grandma and aunts tell stories.
19. I have a new item of clothing on.
20. I wear black lace.
21. I’m holding a new baby in the family.
22. I’ve cleaned my room and everything is in order.
23. I’ve had a couple of drinks, lol!
24. I do something for a good cause.
25. I stand up for what I believe in, even if it’s not what everyone agrees with.
26. I get an A in class.
27. I stick up for people I love.
28. Someone is playing with my hair.
29. I feel loved as I am, no matter how I look.
30. I get great comments and emails from my readers :-).


When do you feel prettiest? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “I Feel Prettiest When…

  1. that was great! I feel prettiest when my hair is its curliest and BIG….when I have on a push up bra and sexy outfit, turning heads….when I’ve nailed down a great makeup look perfectly

  2. I just found your blog through Sound Bites, really great blog!!
    You have some of the most gorgeous makeup looks! Wish I was HALF as good! You have such amazing colour eyes though, makes it all that bit easier :p

    I really think I might do a similar post, but I really need to think about it if Im gonna follow in the footsteps of you and Sound Bites!

    ❤ the blog

  3. I feel prettiest when…
    1. I’m wearing heels
    2. I’m having a good hair day
    3. I’m wearing new underwear, lol
    4. I have a trendy cocktail in my hand 😛
    5. I’m introduced to someone new by someone who is proud of me
    6. I’m walking out of the hair salon after 2 hours in the chair
    7. I find a good-fitting pair of jeans
    8. When someone does/says something genuinely nice and out of the blue
    9. When i get a god damned job i’ll feel fucking gorgeous. (sorry, not very ladylike)
    10. When you and I take good pics together. We’re like sugar and spice! 🙂

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