TRESemme 24 Hour Root Boosting Spray

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Hi Beauties,
How are all of you doing? I’m getting back into the school/studying schedule and very much loving my merchandising class. I received some Target gift cards for my bday and replenished all of my hair and face necessities; I picked up one new/different item, it was Tresemme’s 24 hour root boosting spray and I LOVE IT!


I normally use the Big Sexy hair products for volume, but they’re kind of pricey and they tend to leave my hair feeling stiff and not very touchable. All I wanted from this product was a little boost for my roots when I dry it. I let my hair air dry a bit and then I sprayed the root booster through my roots and at the ends of my hair, flipped my head upside down and dried it on high heat. My hair was sooo voluminous and SOFT! I was able to run my fingers through all of it without any tug and the volume lasted two days without washing.

This product didn’t  leave build up and it has a very light, clean scent that didn’t linger. My hair stayed shiny for two days and all I needed to revamp the volume on the second day was a blast of cool air from my hair dryer.

Overall an awesome product for $4 at Target :-). Rating: 5/5.

What’s your favorite volumizing product?


3 thoughts on “TRESemme 24 Hour Root Boosting Spray

  1. I have very fine, straight hair and have a hard time getting it to keep any kind of volume 😦 Your review makes me want to run out and buy it like right now, but I gotta ask–what’s the texture of your hair like? Is it fine like mine?

    • Hi Angela!
      My hair does not have a lot of natural volume on its own, my texture is on the finer side and pretty straight. Have you tried Living Proof’s thickening cream? Pairing that with the root lifting spray makes my hair big!

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