Amazing Shampoo for $2? Yes, Please!

Photobucket A shot of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. Love that city!

Hi Babes!

What are you up to today? How’s the start of your week coming along? I’m counting down to my birthday and loving the hot weather in Southern California :-).

I was shopping around Target with my best friend about a month ago when I spotted Suave’s Clarifying shampoo for about $1.89; I popped open the cap and loved the clean smell so I gave it a try. The shampoo is a clear blue and the scent reminds me of clean laundry, it lathers up really well and leaves my hair clean and shiny. With one shampoo, I get clean hair; with two shampoos, I have squeaky clean hair. When I bought the shampoo, I was a little worried that my scalp would dry out, but after a month of daily use, my hair actually looks and feels healthier than before.

The description on the bottle reads: Bring out the natural beauty of your hair with this pH-balanced deep-cleansing shampoo that helps remove residue without stripping moisture.

Overall, a GREAT drugstore buy. I use this shampoo every day with Dove’s Daily Moisture shampoo and my hair is in really good condition; it looks shiny and doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Rating: 5/5.

What’s your favorite drugstore shampoo?


2 thoughts on “Amazing Shampoo for $2? Yes, Please!

  1. This sounds amazing, i’ll def try it out! I’ve tried the suave volume shampoo before and hated it though, it dried my hair out terribly! I don’t really have a favorite shampoo… I just kinda bounce around to whatever is on sale lol.

  2. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one. I remember you mentioned you liked Suave so I bought a Suave Professionals bottle that I’m going to start using tomorrow. I hope I like it as much as you like this one 🙂

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