My Everyday Eyes


Hi Dolls!

I know, it’s been forever, right? School and work have beat me up so bad, I’m going to collapse and hibernate for a week after finals. My makeup has been beyond boring the last few weeks because I wake up with only enough energy to put some liner on so I don’t scare people lol. Averaging 5-6 hours of sleep a night has given me some not cute under eye bags, I had no idea how to hide them, and I had to rediscover an eyeshadow that had been put away for a while!


Stila’s Kitten shadow blended into the inner corners of your eyes can brighten them up so much! It distracts from any puffy bags and makes you look awake and alert.  This has been my every day look since the end of March:-).

Revlon Colorstay liner winged out, Covergirl Lashblast, and Kitten eyeshadow blended into the inner corners of the eyes.

How have you all been? What’s your favorite trick to brighten up tired eyes?


3 thoughts on “My Everyday Eyes

  1. my everyday shadow is Covergirl Shimmering Sands and when i’m lazy, i just use the highlight color all over and some liner – brightens the eyes and looks really natural.

  2. neutral liner on the water line kinda works…but when im tired i really look like a zombie to the point that it cant be helped hahaha

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