Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Topcoat and an Earthquake

Hi Lovelies!
I missed blogging so much!! Sometimes working full-time and going to school take over my life and I only get enough downtime to sleep lol.
We just had an earthquake here about 15 minutes ago; I was sitting on my boyfriend’s bed, working on a paper when everything started to shake and I looked up…he was looking at me and he says, “Yep, it’s an earthquake!” and we sat through it for what felt like forever…everything was rolling and moving around. I actually yelled out, “Ah!!! It’s still going!!!!”. Now it’s passed and we’re watching the news; the epicenter of the quake was in Baja California, I hope all of those people are okay!

On to the subject of the post! I have no patience when it comes to nail polish drying time, I’m the one that has smudges on my nails after manicures because I can’t sit still long enough for the polish to dry. On one of my many trips to Ulta last year, I picked up Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Topcoat on a whim and have fallen in love with it! After two-three coats of polish, I apply this topcoat and my nails are dry within 5 minutes. Not only does it dry fast, it keeps my manicure very shiny and relatively chip free for 5-7 days. Most topcoats get gloopy and weird after a month or so of use for me, but this one works and stays at a good consistency for 3-4 months (I use it 2-3 times a week usually). At $7, this is a steal and a definite must have in my book.

What’s your favorite topcoat?


5 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Topcoat and an Earthquake

  1. OMG I heard about the earthquake! My mom was almost about to cry because she called my aunt that lives over there and she wouldn’t pick up! After much calling and texting they finally called back saying they didn’t feel anything! LOL My mom worries too much I swear! Glad you’re ok Nessa. I remember those earthquakes and they are scary as hell.

    As for the nail polish I am totally with you! I smudge my nail polish ALL the time. It’s so bad I’m like a kid who can’t sit still when I do my nails. I need this stuff.

    • I was freaking out lol, I could see everything inside and outside moving…my dogs were apparently scampering and yelping.
      Try this stuff, it’s amazing, you wont regret it!

  2. That must’ve been scary! I’m glad you’re ok.

    I smudge my nail polish just after manicures too, I just can’t seem to sit still for more than a couple of mints lol. I’ll check this out, thanks.

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