Living Proof Full Styling Cream <3

I’m loving Secret Diary of a Call Girl!! It’s REALLY racy, but so hilarious! The characters are really lovable 🙂

Hi Pretties!
I hope spring has touched down where you are, it’s definitely stepped into Southern California and I’m in LOVE with the warm, sunny weather! My sweaters will be put away within the next few weeks and out come the sandals, T’s, and sunglasses!
If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that Living Proof sent me some of their No Frizz products and they were amazing. I walked into Sephora a few weeks ago with my best friend and the displays for Full were at the front of the store; we looked at it and left without buying anything. I decided to come back last week to pick it up because curiosity got the best of me lol. The Sephora sales associate gave me an additional 4 days worth of product to try first before opening the big bottle.

I showered and towel tried my hair before detangling it, then I took a nickel sized amount and rubbed it in my hands and distributed it evenly through my hair from root to tip. The product smells a little citrusy, but not strong at all. I blow dried my hair with a big round brush and was so pleased with the results! My hair actually felt and looked thicker with absolutely no build up or sticky/stiff feeling. Throughout the day, I’d play with my hair and it stayed full and soft, not crackling or going flat like most other thickening products I’ve used.
Full isn’t made to give you lift, so if you want volume at the roots, make sure to use a root lifting spray or mousse. The small bottle is $14, the larger bottle is $24; although it’s pricey, I’m going to keep buying this because I LOVED the results. Living Proof is available at Sephora; click here for videos on how to use it and here for more product information.

What’s your favorite thickening product?


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