This Witch is Pretty Cool…

Not sure who this pic is by, but it makes me think of a pretty witch.

Happy Tuesday!

The coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, I’m in kind of a daze. I really should get to bed earlier every night, but I feel like there’s too much to do!

I was washing my face yesterday and I realized that I had completely overlooked a product that has saved my skin, and had to do a post on it! Witch hazel is the one thing that can REALLY clean my face without drying my skin out. I picked up Dickinson’s Witch Hazel after reading about it in a magazine, a makeup artist said that he uses it on his models before every show. The bottle is about $3.00 at any drugstore in the first aid aisle and lasts forever! Here are some descriptions from the product website:

I use this after washing my face; I soak a cotton pad and gently wipe my whole face and neck with it. Not going to lie, the stuff smells a little funky (kinda sweet, but like potatoes..I can’t describe it), but I can get over the smell because of how well it works! My skin tends to get red/irritated easily, and little blood vessels would show because I’m so pale. Witch Hazel took the redness out of my face and has shrunk all of the little blood vessels that had been showing before. I’ve been using this stuff for about a year and wont be stopping anytime soon. My skin doesn’t get dry and I love how clean it feels without being tight.

Have you tried Witch Hazel?


9 thoughts on “This Witch is Pretty Cool…

  1. Ooh, effective *and* cheap? I’m in! 😛 I’m kind of a “smell” person though so I might not deal so well with that aspect… plus I have about 10 skin products I need to actually finish using before I add something new. But I’ll definitely keep this in mind when my cleanser runs out – I’m really pale too and I hate when my face gets red :/

    • The smell fades after a few weeks, it’s just when the bottle’s new that it kinda kicks you lol. Just hold your breath when you apply it, the smell is completely gone as soon as it dries 🙂

  2. We have some under our sink in the bathroom. My mom used to tell me to use it in Jr. High when my face (and everything else) went bizerk.

    It does smell funny, but easier to take than rubbing alcohol (which I also used in Jr. High – i had serious skin issues, lol)

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