The Best Lounge Pants…Ever!

Hello Dolls!

Having a good Friday? The dentist was so nice…but he still had to drill my teeth :-(. I had to get four cavities taken care of and it involved 8 shots of Novocaine. 8!! I’m one of those lucky people that Novocaine doesn’t last on. After all of the needles and drilling, I just wanted to crawl under a rock and cry lol. The bf decided to make my day better by taking me book shopping and spending 2 hours at Borders while we drank smoothies from Juice It Up (I bought About Face by Scott Barnes!), going to lunch at Islands, and then watching New Moon (um…why didn’t Jacob have short hair before? And why is he only 17?!). I love when it’s Vanessa day:-).

He’s doing some cleaning while I catch up on my beauty blogs and I wanted to tell you about the amazing pants from American Eagle/Areie that I LOVE. They’re fold-over yoga/lounge pants and they come in lengths! I’m tall and have a hard time finding pants that are long enough; another reason I love them is that they don’t look as dressed down as regular sweats (which I would NEVER wear out of the house). They come in different colors and go on sale pretty often. Check them out!

Aerie Rollover Pant, $29.50 at

What are you up to tonight?


6 thoughts on “The Best Lounge Pants…Ever!

  1. have to go to the dentist today too… no cavities that I know of, which is good, but I HATE the dentist with a burning passion. So… this should be fun :/
    Thanks for sharing about the AE pants! I’m 5’11 and I can NEVER find sweat pants that are long enough!

    • I’m 5’8, but all yoga pants end up around my shins after I wash and dry them lol.

      Good luck at the dentist, reward yourself with something awesome afterward (like a new book, makeup item, or amazing lunch!).

  2. Ewwww, the dentist! I have to go there next week. And I seriously need to make an appointment for the hubby to go, now that he has dental insurance. But he hasn’t been in years, so I’m terrified of what they’ll find! Ack! I don’t have any yoga/lounge pants, but I would like some. They look super comfortable! I don’t have the tall problem–I’m barely 5’4″. In fact, I finally found the perfect jeans at Ann Taylor Loft that fit my huge butt but don’t gap at the waist, but I have to get them hemmed because they’re seriously too long. (I tried on the petite, and wouldn’t you know they were just a hair too short?) Oh, and I hear you about Jacob in New Moon. Only 17, really?! Now I just feel like a pedophile!

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