Dream Shopping…

Hi Pretties!

I found Polyvore.com and have found an endless source of entertainment. The website allows you to put together outfits from thousands of items, and you can chose the price range you “shop” from; I didn’t set any price limits because I didn’t want to limit my choices. Some of the items get really expensive, and I know I cant afford them right now :-/; Instead of being bummed, I can take my outfit and find more affordable versions of the items. Here is my first creation:


I can’t wait to put more looks together, I’ll be posting them here as well 😀

Have you tried Polyvore?


5 thoughts on “Dream Shopping…

  1. Ooh, nice! I especially like the shoes. Shiny! I haven’t been to that site yet, but I think I’m going to!

    (P.S. I changed my nail polish to Good Witch?, also from the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection. It’s chipping even worse than Dorothy Who?. I cannot recommend this collection at all. If I could find my receipt I would return all of them!)

      • Yep, always! But you know what? I’m thinking it may be my new topcoat (also from China Glaze.) I put it on over another polish that never usually chips on me–totally crappy looking the next day. So I’m going to give them another chance, with a different topcoat.

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