Mini Mall Haul…

Good Evening Dolls 🙂

I went shopping after work today to spend gift cards and to try some new makeup. Check out my mini haul below:
*Some of the images didn’t resize as I wanted them too…I’ll figure it out!*

Stila Illuminating Powder in Rose Gold. This stuff is so pretty and shimmery, I love putting this above my cheekbones when I go out, it catches the light and makes your skin look glowy. $32 at Stila and it’s also available at Sephora.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium. I use this as my everyday cover up, it’s not heavy and it never gets cakey. $25 at MAC stores and counters.

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +. I’m going to give this a try and review it at the end of the week :-). $34 at Sephora.

Went to Pacsun with a gift card from my awesome sister and bought these t’s 🙂

(Camera died, couldn’t take a pic!)
And last, a pair of Vans

Man, I couldn’t figure out how to insert images and then I realized I was missing the html code I needed to do so lol…hang in there, I’ll improve!

Have you gone shopping recently?


4 thoughts on “Mini Mall Haul…

  1. I have gone shopping and i got an adhesive bra…i’m kinda scared of it, lol. I can just hear me in Vegas “hang on guys, i’m putting my boobs on!”

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